[Podcast]: Gain the Competitive Advantage – Grow with Recurring Revenue

Today, customers are in charge and businesses must adapt to their preferences to be successful. Gone are the days of business dictating how customers consume and pay for products and services. Gaining advantage in today’s hypercompetitive environment requires businesses to rethink their current billing and monetization systems and processes. Aria’s CEO, Tom Dibble shares insights with CloudScoop’s John Ochinero about the changing market and what enterprises need to do to keep up.

Success means making the most of a recurring revenue model with a billing and monetization system that supports processes beyond single one-time transactions. Long-term success requires the agility to support changing customer needs with capabilities that orchestrate payments, provisioning, services requests, cross- and up-sells, etc.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • How to shift to evolving buyer behaviors, changing markets and trends.
  • Why customers prefer, and Wall Street rewards, recurring revenue models.
  • The trend from simple subscription to usage-based and hybrid models.
  • How to maximize customer lifetime value by capturing revenue moments beyond the initial transaction.

Business is anything but predictable – the market fluctuates, customer needs change, disruption is the norm. Implementing agile billing and monetization systems stay ahead for long-term success.