Pet ID subscriptions make finding a lost animal easier

Red Dingo recently announced it is expanding its ID pet tags powered by PetHub‘s radio-frequency identification technologies. By subscribing to the service, customers will have the unique opportunity to add GPS email notifications and shelter alerts when their favorite pets have gone missing.

“With PetHub, not only do we get the best QR digital ID technology to identify pets, we also get to help our customers feel good that they can protect their lost pet while looking awesome wearing one of our stylish tags,” Red Dingo CEO Craig Chalk said.

The QR codes on the back of the pet IDs make it so anyone with a smartphone can scan the badge and have access to the animal’s critical information. Individuals can then help a pet find its way home or bring it to the appropriate shelter for medical assistance.

While every Red Dingo customer receives a number of benefits, subscribing to PetHub’s Silver program for $39 per year allows customers to receive an email notifying exactly where the animal’s ID tag was scanned. The Gold subscription, which is slightly more expensive at $49 per year, takes pet protection one step further by providing families with $3,000 emergency insurance that can cover any injuries a missing pet has suffered during its journey.

“Consumers love what we’re doing to help get their lost pets home and we are thrilled to have a great go-to-market partner like Red Dingo to help protect pets worldwide,” PetHub founder and CEO Tom Arnold said.

By leveraging an innovative subscription management solution, organizations like PetHub and Red Dingo can deliver high-quality service and maintain a healthy relationship with clients, boosting satisfaction and customer loyalty. As a result, past purchasers will likely come back for more, enhancing a company’s recurring revenue stream.