Pawalla makes treating pets simpler

The Humane Society of the United States estimates there are more than 78 million pet dogs in this country and more than 86 million pet cats. This suggests that Americans love to have non-human pals. Feeding these animals can sometimes be a challenge, however, especially when owners want to give their pets the highest quality products, as these meals are often much more expensive than standard goods.

Subscription service Pawalla may have the answer to these woes, as subscribers can receive a monthly package of the best pet goodies. These items range in type from all-natural wet foods, healthy supplements and tasty treats to basic toys and other essentials.

Subscribers have two models to choose from, including a recurring payment program for $26 every month that can be cancelled at any time, and an annually billed plan that costs $21 per month. Free shipping is included in both.

Each box contains six or more premium products that are handpicked by animal experts and nutritionists based on the responses to a user’s pet profile survey. Each item has its own unique benefits to help strengthen a pet’s immune system, improve hygiene or simply bring a little more fun into their lives. Subscribers can receive a multitude of products including everything from gluten-free cookies for their dogs to natural supplements meant to improve the mental state of aging cats.

As the economy continues to make people more conservative with their wallets, subscription services are becoming more common in a variety of industries. By leveraging an innovative subscription management platform, companies competing in the pet product subscription vertical, for example, may be able gain an edge over rival service providers by tracking customer usage more effectively and making changes to keep subscribers happy.