Online real estate firm chooses Aria Systems

1parkplace, an internet-based real estate solutions provider, sought flexibility and reliability with its automated billing systems. In May 2012, the company chose products from Aria Systems to effectively generate recurring revenue and manage the subscription process. Aria Systems’ solutions simplify how a business can manage customer acquisition, automated billing and client assistance.

Subscription management software from Aria Systems delivers several benefits to 1parkplace. Not only will the company receive support with its clientele that features more than 15,000 of the top real estate professionals, brokers and mortgage lenders in the United States, but the solution also promotes efficient customer base management, which can help the business grow.

Steve Fox, chief operating officer for 1parkplace, noted this subscription management software will help his company manage its diverse customer base. “[It] was the only solution able to quickly deliver the advanced capabilities we required,” Fox said. “Account updates that used to take several months to resolve…can be settled within a few days.”

Companies have the opportunity to enhance customer relationships by improving transaction visibility with subscription billing systems. Additionally, businesses can distinguish themselves from competitors with software capable of controlling the entire subscriber lifecycle.

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