Online landscape creates new retail opportunities, demands

The shopping landscape is much different than it used to be, as consumers are more interested in purchasing items online and having them delivered to their doors than physically traveling to a store. This is especially noticeable in fashion-related retail, as many people now choose to use their smartphones, tablets and other next-generation mobile devices to shop at their convenience, according to a blog post by NPD Group analyst Marshal Cohen.

Cohen said consumers used to only shop at their favorite stores. Today, on the other hand, individuals can purchase items from a number of retailers without ever leaving their homes.

"This is a game changer," Cohen said. "Shoppers that would normally shop the mall now get to shop the world. Online means that malls, mom and pop shops and the giant fashion houses need to up their ante as consumers look for looks that will stand out from the rest."

Subscription services, for example, are gaining momentum in today's digital landscape, as these programs make shopping even easier. By investing smaller recurring payments or paying up front, individuals can have curated items sent to their doorsteps on a regular basis.

As the subscription commerce model becomes increasingly popular among consumers throughout the world, more companies will adopt these methods. As a result, the landscape will become competitive and, once again, force decision-makers to find ways that will help them stand out from the rest.

By leveraging an innovative subscription management platform, decision-makers can gain greater insight into subscriber activity and make real-time decisions that can enhance operations to better meet customer demand. These tools will also give firms a competitive advantage over rival retailers that think client demands remain consistent over time.