Nothing Like the Customer’s Word

The number one question or objection prospects ask day after day is, “Why should I choose your solution?” In a marketplace filled with competitors making all kinds of claims, this is always a valid question!

Building credibility with a prospect is the single most difficult task when it comes to enterprise SaaS billing solution selling. Why? The industry is new and emerging so prospects tend to need education, reassurance, and guidance, not to mention that three or four other solutions may claim the same thing: “We are the industry’s leading subscription billing solution!”  So which one do you go with or trust for that guidance?  This is where the billing solution provider’s own client voices come in.

Prospects are less impressed with how you may claim to relate to their problems and are more impressed with what YOUR customers have to say and the actual challenges that they face.  Whether it’s someone the prospect knows (a big wig in the business world) or a universal truth in the industry, it’s ultimately the customers’ endorsement that counts.  So if you’re serious about enabling current and future recurring revenue streams, make sure to ask a potential billing provider: “Who are your customers? And exactly how did you enable their recurring revenue initiatives?” In a marketplace full of broad and bold claims, the real experiences of real customers may be the most important guidance you can find.

Jen Wilson, ADR, Aria Systems

The Aria Cloud Subscription Billing Platform was chosen by brand name companies such as AAA NCNU, Experian, Pitney Bowes, Red Hat, Ingersoll Rand, EMC, VMware, and HootSuite to grow or evolve their recurring revenue.

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