New Amazon program helps parental subscribers

Membership programs are one of the most effective ways to generate recurring revenue, as these initiatives create loyal customers by providing them with enticing offers. For this reason, among others, Amazon's U.K. branch recently unveiled a new subscription model, called Amazon Family, for parents and families.

"Amazon Family aims to make life a little easier for parents by saving them both time and money," said Samantha Nash, mother of two young children and family manager at "Whether it's baby wipes, nappies, a new pram or the latest must-have toy for Christmas, has millions of great value products ready to be delivered directly to your door."

Unlike regular Amazon members, Amazon Family subscribers have access to a number of unique deals, including reduced prices for certain baby foods and specific children's clothes. Subscribers also get discounted rates for other subscription services, such as those for Huggies diapers.

Family expert Dr. Rosemary Leonard said the launch of subscription services that make life easier for parents is important, as managing a household of kids is no easy task. By subscribing to services that make shopping for children easier, mothers and fathers can spend more time with their kids, which is an important part of early development.

"Customers want great value, vast selection and a high level of convenience from Amazon which is why we continue to introduce new programs, like Amazon Family, to further enhance their shopping experience," said Xavier Garambois, vice president of EU retail at Amazon.

As ecommerce and subscription services continue to gain appreciation in the consumer landscape, it will become increasingly important that companies leverage innovative subscription management platforms that give executives unique insight into online activity.

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