NatureBox aims to eliminate unhealthy snacking, child hunger

Studies have suggested that unhealthy snacking is one of the leading causes of childhood obesity. Subscription service NatureBox aims to eliminate this problem by sending subscribers healthy snack foods every month.

NatureBox doesn’t require users to change their snacking schedule but it does help customers cut down on poor calorie consumption by providing them with nutritionist-approved products. The subscription service also helps people change their eating habits by allowing them to discover new, healthy foods every month.

For less than $20 a month, individuals can subscribe to NatureBox; find healthy, delicious snack foods to eat and cancel their subscription at any time if they are not satisfied. The subscription commerce company even donates one meal to hungry children in America for every subscription box sold.

“Why snack on junk food? Enjoy the healthy choices at a lower price,” one subscriber said about NatureBox.

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