Mystery Tackle Box offers new, experienced anglers quality gear

The abundant number of available fishing lures can be intimidating to even the most experienced anglers, especially when new products are released and aren’t reviewed by professionals. A new subscription service by fishermen for fishermen called Mystery Tackle Box aims to eliminate this confusion.

Mystery Tackle Box is a monthly subscription service that sends fishing lures and tackle to customers, providing individuals with a small card that explains each product in that month’s package. Each month, subscribers will receive an average of three to four items, all of which are handpicked and tested by professionals to ensure they are good quality and will last a long time.

Individuals have several subscription models to choose from, including a recurring payment option that costs $15 per month. Subscribers can also choose from either a three-, six- or 12-month program, each of which offers lures at discounted prices.

While the lures in the Mystery Tackle Box are primarily targeted at freshwater bass fishermen, the company plans to expand its offerings during the next year to appeal to a wider range of anglers.

By subscribing to Mystery Tackle Box, new and experienced fishermen alike can find new lures they may have missed during their own shopping experiences and learn how to use them. As a result, individuals will likely be able to catch more fish. Since there is no risk and subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, individuals who subscribe to the service can make fishing a more enjoyable experience by continually acquiring new gear.

As the subscription commerce industry grows more competitive, it will become increasingly important that service providers leverage a subscription management platform that can help decision-makers manage customer relationships more efficiently, enhancing the end-user experience and boosting recurring revenue.