MWC17 Survey: 5G Will Require Replacement of Legacy OSS/BSS Systems

It is something of a battle cry at Aria that legacy OSS/BSS back-office systems can slow down business. The Mobile World Live (MWL) survey unveiled at Mobile World Congress this week highlights this pain point. In a study involving about 1,000 key decision makers from across the mobile ecosystem, 66 percent predicted wholesale changes in back-end systems will be necessary as the industry progresses rapidly towards 5G deployments. Some 31 percent predicted 5G will be mainstream by 2020, and 96 percent tip the technology to be widely available by 2025. This will be a huge issue with enterprise businesses, particularly in communications, as they tend to have large investments in patching up far-reaching legacy back office systems.

These legacy systems are heavily IT-dependent and can’t generally be manipulated by the business user or unit. That means every time a change needs to be made—like for a promotion, rolling out a new product or doing testing—you have to get in the IT queue. And of course, there are going to be competing interests that jump the line in front of you. It’s time that you just won’t have in the world of rapidly evolving 5G and IoT technology where go-to-market speed matters almost as much as the product.

To be successful, companies will need to complement their expensive, slow, insulated BSS/OSS systems to deliver more agile services and simpler, better customer experiences. Cloud-based monetization platforms like Aria for Communications were created in response to this demand for an offering that enables a bi-modal architecture strategy. Legacy systems are still and will still be great at processing large amounts of information very quickly, but an agility layer that governs the monetization of new business and easily integrates with existing legacy BSS systems are needed. Existing businesses can run without interruption, while the agility layer facilitates the speedy delivery of new, bundled, and rapidly evolving digital services.

Of course, that is a highly simplified look at the solution. Read the full Aria for Communications whitepaper to see how it really works.

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