Microsoft changes subscription model to counteract piracy

In an attempt to prevent piracy, Microsoft is changing the terms of its subscription model. In the past, subscription-based MSDN and TechNet offerings allowed resellers, consultants and developers to test out different applications for an annual subscription fee. In light of recent increased piracy activity, however, the company is tightening its subscription capabilities, according to a ZDNet report.

The new model will limit the number of product keys available per day, the news source said. Traditionally, MSDN and TechNet subscribers could claim up to 100 passcodes per day. Since many piracy incidents stemmed from the high availability of keys, however, Microsoft is cutting the number back to roughly 10 per day.

Microsoft is also offering fewer products. In its current subscription model, subscribers are able to download virtually any version of Microsoft Office applications to make up their own suite. The new initiative, on the other hand, will remove all standalone programs and older versions, limiting the number of solutions available to subscribers and reducing the chances of legacy tools being duplicated, ZDNet reported.

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