MeUndies delivers delicates right to your door

A new subscription shopping service has been recently released, delivering new underwear to the doors of its subscribers, according to Yanko Design. Although a la carte shopping is available for the service, a monthly subscription that costs $16 a month represents a great source of recurring revenue for the company.

According to the official website for MeUndies, top quality designer underwear for both men and women typically sells for up to 10 times as much as the costs associated with designing and producing the product. The company hopes to provide savings that it can pass on to the consumer by eliminating the middleman of brick and mortar stores.

Subscribers who are either too lazy or too shy about buying underwear in public regularly stand to benefit from this new service. Customers can choose a new color or style each month, or simply get their favorite pair automatically shipped. A bonus feature is provided when subscribers answer a questionnaire and the company matches preferences each month to deliver similar products.

Yanko Design and other news sources have praised the product's micromodal construction, which has been deemed superior to cotton for undergarments. With a comfortable product delivered at competitive prices, MeUndies could become popular over the upcoming months.