Marshall Crenshaw following trend of subscription-based music

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Marshall Crenshaw is preparing to launch new music in the fall via an innovative subscription payment service, Billboard reports. This follows a recent wave of independent music labels and artists who are using subscription music services to release their music.

Crenshaw, who is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his debut album this year, has revealed his plans to release a three-song EP every four months for the next two years. According to the news source, each EP will feature a brand new song, as well as newly recorded covers and “re-imagine” versions of some of his classic tunes. These EPs will be available via download or on 10-inch, 45 rpm vinyls.

“The full-on album making process doesn’t appeal to me anymore,” Crenshaw said in an interview with Billboard. “Rather than stockpile a dozen songs, which for me can take a long time, and then shove them out at once and have that be the end of it… I just think this’ll be more fun, and a greater kind of motivating situation for me. I just think it has all kinds of upsides.”

Subscription payment music platforms are becoming ever more popular, particularly with the presence of major players such as Spotify and Rhapsody. An even more recent trend can be seen through platforms such as, where independent labels and artists self-release a few, hand-picked new tracks each month. This is similar to what Crenshaw is hoping to accomplish via the steady rollout of his EPs over the next two years.

According to Paid Content, this business model could create a more intimate relationship between labels and fans. The idea behind the model is to help listeners rely on small labels and artists as trusted curators to good music.