Loot Crate provides goodies for gaming geeks in a monthly subscription package

Loot Crate, a new monthly package targeted toward the geek-and-gamer demographic that functions on a subscription payment basis, has been released. The video game- and geeky hobby-themed subscription box is the latest offering in a trendy long line of niche subscription boxes aimed at specific population segments who might be interested in focused product offerings.

The Loot Crate, priced at $13.37 per month with an additional six dollar shipping fee, offers customers six to eight hand-picked items every month. These items range from video game-controller grips, posters featuring iconic characters and the latest popular games, to stickers, gift cards, energy gum and even Captain America cologne. The niche items are designed to appeal to video game, comic book and general “geek culture” aficionados. Other unique collector’s items include action figures from the popular game franchise Halo, power up energy drinks featuring Super Mario characters and Zombie beef jerky and other so-called gamer foods.

While the video gaming and geek culture community remains niche, it is growing at an incredible rate, prompting merchants to begin offering products and services such as the Loot Crate, which generate recurring revenue for these companies. According to The Online Mom, the number of Americans playing video games continues to skyrocket at astronomical rates, with 135 million people playing games on a regular basis in 2011. This represents an astonishing 44 percent of the total U.S. population. Additionally, the total number of gamers is a substantial 241 percent more than in 2008, when only 56 million Americans were playing on a regular basis.

Other monthly subscription-based services targeting the niche gamer and geek market have emerged in recent years, with video game rental company GameFly being the most prominent player. According to State Hornet, the company began offering games to rent via its website in 2002 and now features more than 8,000 available titles in its library. The company offers a unique subscription package, with the first month free for all new users before moving into a price tier of $15.95 for renting out one game at a time, or $22.95 for two.