Looking fresh is easy with Urban Cargo

As any handsome man knows, treading the fine line between looking good without looking like you tried too hard can be difficult. Fortunately, a new subscription service called Urban Cargo is here to help.

At $14.95 a month, Urban Cargo will send subscribers high-quality men’s grooming items that help customers tread that line more easily. Each month’s box targets a different aspect of the male prep process, including shaving, skin care and body washing, to make staying handsome that much simpler.

Urban Cargo doesn’t provide subscribers with inferior merchandise, either. Instead, customers receive brand name items from businesses like John Allan’s, Alchimie Forever, The New York Shaving Company and more. These are the same products backed by celebrities like Daniel Craig, Tom Hanks and Colin Firth and verified by organizations like The New York Times, GQ and Men’s Fitness.

“Don’t know which skin care products to buy or even where to buy them? Investigate Urban Cargo,” said Dr. Susan Taylor, a dermatologist, according to Urban Cargo.

As the subscription commerce market grows more cutthroat, however, companies should consider leveraging an innovative subscription management platform capable of analyzing and tracking usage more effectively to give organizations a competitive advantage.