Live from Dreamforce: High Demand for Aria Revenue Analytics

After announcing Aria Revenue Analytics last week, it only seemed natural we talk about and demo its capabilities at Dreamforce ‘15. Adeeb Shanaa, Aria’s SVP of Products & Engineering, and Daniel Lopez, Director of Products, Analytics, presented Aria Revenue Analytics to a packed crowd at Moscone North.

During the session, Adeeb covered that Aria Revenue Analytics comes with the Aria Cloud Billing and Active Monetization Platform. Rather than charge extra for the data (like many analytics or BI offerings that typically still need to be configured and managed), Aria Revenue Analytics is purpose-built for recurring revenue and managed by Aria at no additional charge. Out-of-the-box dashboards cover five business process areas – 1) revenue and churn; 2) marketing; 3) usage; 4) finance; and 5) electronic payments – and information can be seamlessly integrated into existing enterprise data warehouses and BI solutions.

Daniel then delivered a live demonstration showing how easily insights can be gleaned into period over period revenue changes. In this particular demo, high revenue from the top decile customers could not overcome revenue losses from suspended accounts. Why were the accounts suspended? Rejected electronic payments from inactive cards. But that’s an easy fix. With Aria, the solution is account updater – it updates the cards automatically without having to reach each customer. Card data is up-to-date, accounts are paid on time.

For more information see the press release or learn more about revenue analytics here. We will also be showing Aria Revenue Analytics at Dreamforce 2015 at booth #N1223.

Note: A different approach is Salesforce Wave Analytics. Wave Analytics is a very powerful analytics offering but it starts at $40k per month for just licensing (before per user licenses and configuration costs are included) according to this article in Business Insider.