Littlefox offers eco-friendly baby products with monthly subscription

For eco-conscious parents looking for the best for their newborns, littlefox recently launched a new monthly subscription service that will offer baby products and clothing that truly live up to the “eco-friendly” label. The brainchild of two sisters looking for baby products that really were environmentally friendly, and fun for their children as well, littlefox gathers products that aren’t readily available at other retailers and provides them to parents on a monthly basis.

The company’s green focus extends beyond its shared products to the packaging and the limited edition gifts it includes in each shipment. Originally it launched across Facebook, but has since moved to its own website,

This unique subscription service provides a valuable and interesting service, but it and many like it need ways to improve service through streamlined subscription management. Tools such as subscription billing and management platforms can help subscription commerce companies focus on optimizing their offerings, while ensuring the best possible customer support.