The Last Word on the Aria ‘Internet of Things’ Anthology Series

What the IoT Can Learn from Nordstrom

The Arab Spring movement of 2011 grabbed the world’s attention and was made possible by the pervasive use of social media. The “Twitter Revolution,” as it has been called by some, fueled the rapid inclusion of participants in protests, allowed the immediate dissemination of information to the outside world, and thwarted outdated suppression efforts.

It was fundamentally different from any previous uprising in human history and it was made possible by a confluence of technological advances that included the internet itself, the smart phone and, of course Twitter.

No one could have predicted how these technologies would end up serving as the foundation for such seminal changes in global human behavior.

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a similar example of how technologies can come together in unpredictable ways to create something new (e.g. the commoditization of RFID and TCP/IP hardware, the prevalence of Internet-ready wireless networks, etc.). More importantly, the IoT is enabling new business models that will eventually cause societal shifts just as big as the internet and the smartphone did.

At Aria Systems we spend a lot of time thinking about the ways in which our technology contributes to businesses seeking to capitalize on the ever-changing ways to engage with customers. Our collective interest in the IoT and its organic overlay with a long list of monetization models should be self-evident if you’ve been reading the Aria Internet of Things anthology series.

As we embarked upon this effort it quickly became obvious that it would be a disservice to our readers not to elevate our thinking: we needed to go beyond what was strictly relevant to the IoT’s capacity for monetization and include perspectives that looked at the IoT from other angles.

The IoT is far more than just the promise of new ways to make money. It will usher in new ways that humanity can become socially richer. And, like any major societal advance, it will also usher in new challenges to be met and overcome.

Just as no one was able to predict the Twitter Revolution in 2011, no one today can tell us what the IoT will ultimately bring to the world. In this IoT anthology, the best thinkers from among Aria’s experts drew upon their respective experience and gazed into their respective crystal balls to offer food for thought.

Seeing the colors laid out upon an artists’ pallets is not enough to predict what they will paint, not even for the artists themselves. The only thing we do know is that many “artists” will avail themselves of the IoT “pallet” and masterpieces will be born. It’s only a matter of time. Like you, we can’t wait to be there when those masterpieces are unveiled.

In the meantime, we must quickly prepare ourselves for a world that will be radically different from the one we occupy today.