Jewelers launches monthly subscription packages to enhance awareness

Lucid New York recently unveiled its own new subscription package service called the Lucid Box. For a small fee, subscribers will receive a package with two pieces of jewelry every month that is retailed between $58 and $74.

Designer Anna Sabino said the service is not a test to see which products sell, but instead is aimed to attract attention to Lucid New York, drive traffic to the company’s website and develop loyal customers.

“I do have a clear idea what my clients like and what they want more of,” Sabino said. “The best of these pieces will be put in the Lucid Boxes. We want our clients to be happy, we want them to keep renewing their subscriptions and the only way to achieve it is to ship beautiful jewelry.”

The growing presence of subscription-based beauty packages like Lucid Box, Birchbox and EcoEmi, as well as products aimed at men like the recent “box of the month” by Bespoke Post, suggests that more organizations are launching online, subscription-based offerings to increase sales and awareness.

By leveraging a subscription commerce business model, companies can add value to their offerings – and generate recurring revenue – by delivering products and services to customers on a regular basis.