Introducing Monetize 2015, Aria’s Inaugural Global Conference on Recurring Revenue

The demand for recurring revenue has exploded, evident by the number of companies implementing recurring revenue streams into their business models. Apple TV and Nickelodeon are just two examples of companies that recently announced or launched online streaming services in an effort to provide incremental and predictable growth. In fact, the total demand for Aria and similar solutions is projected to reach nearly $10 billion by 2018.

With this as a backdrop, tomorrow morning Aria kicks off Monetize 2015, our inaugural global conference on recurring revenue. It’s the first industry event for practitioners who are looking beyond billing to monetize their recurring revenue streams.

In an age where agility, disruption, and intense competition are the new normal for enterprise operations, Monetize 2015 will showcase how enterprises can transform their businesses with models that convert and retain customers by adding lifetime value.

Planned sessions include presentations and panels with industry thought leaders, consultants, Aria executives, and our customers. We’ll hear from global brands like Accenture, Sungard Availability Services, Constant Contact, and others. In short, the next two days promise to transform how attendees look at their roles: ultimately as drivers of greater customer lifetime value and top-line revenues.

I’m looking forward to it.  It should be an exciting two days of sharing, learning and growth.