Intigua launches subscription-based management platform

Intigua has announced the launching of its latest Intigua Platform, which is designed to bring the power of virtualization to the management layer, according to ZDNET. The platform will be delivered through a usage-based subscription payment model, with pricing starting at $75 per server per year.

In an effort to reduce the cost and effort of using enterprise management solutions in virtual, cloud and physical infrastructures, the Intigua Platform allows businesses to be more flexible, agile and automated in their processes. The solution virtualizes existing enterprise management tools, including application monitoring, provisioning, security and compliance, without requiring operational overhead. The centralized console helps companies function more efficiently.

“Intigua addresses a tremendous – and previously unsolved – IT pain,” Torsten VOlk, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, told Computer Technology Review. “Intigua’s solution delivers all the benefits of agents without the side effects. By simplifying and automating systems management, it can also help businesses create a solid foundation for their move to a cloud infrastructure. It’s very compelling.”

Aria Systems can help  companies like Intigua with their subscription-based payment models by providing cloud based subscription billing software that can greatly ease the stresses of managing the full subscriber lifecycle.