[INFOGRAPHIC]: Breaking Down Security and Privacy Standards

There are plenty of benefits to the Digital Revolution: auto-payments reduce the chance for missed mail payments, stored customer information saves time at checkout, digital records make checkups and appointments more efficient, etc. And, while we enjoy the time saved and additional resources gained through digital technology, businesses and customers  are trading utility for shared information. As stewards of this lifeline to increased service and revenue, enterprises must be vigilant to ensure this information is kept secure and protected. Lest, the lifeline gets severed.

With more than 90% of companies reporting some level of cloud adoption, stringent security requirements are necessary to keep information private. As adoption and use increases, security will remain a top priority. Yet, keeping private information private is easier said than done. In 2014 alone, security breaches increased 27.5%.

It’s imperative that companies take long-term measures to protect their customers and keep their information out of harm’s way. At Aria, we have invested in multiple security initiatives to ensure that we are delivering the utmost protection possible – from payment and financial information to personal health information.

The infographic below breaks down the five of the leading security and privacy standards today – what they are, why we think they are important, and why you should invest.


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