[INFOGRAPHIC]: 6 Keys to Successful Project Assurance

In a previous post, eCommerce and SaaS billing veteran Bob Feghali talked about the critical role project assurance plays in a successfully implementing a billing solution. However, despite its importance, it’s all too easy (and common) for organizations to inadvertently ignore its components, and the results are detrimental to the promised benefits the billing solution hopes to achieve.

Because of its necessity, creating a solid project assurance plan should be top-of-mind for project and program leaders. It empowers the leader to go beyond traditional project management barriers and provides the answers needed to ensure success. Additionally, project assurance provides the team with confidence and peace of mind that the project is on the right track.

Infographic: 6 Keys to Successful Project Assurance

Check out this infographic of the “6 Keys to Successful Project Assurance”. As you begin your billing solution implementation process, make sure you consider these six factors in your project assurance plan.


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