Infographic: 5 Questions to Ask Billing System Vendors

Whether your company is making its first entrance in the IoT, going from shrink-wrapped to SaaS, or starting up subscription services, you’ll probably end up looking at a new billing system. Recurring revenue business requires flexibility, agility, and business user configureability that legacy ERP systems just don’t have, and which spreadsheet-based solutions can’t support. Selecting a billing and monetization vendor takes time and your information gathering must be thorough.

You might think that you put every question imaginable in your RFP for that billing vendor. But it’s easy to get so deep in the weeds with technical questions that you forget to ask vendors (and yourself) the big-picture stuff.

Use this handy infographic as a cheat sheet to make sure you’re asking all the right questions. Your choice in billing systems could make the difference between a big hit and a big mess—this will help you cover all the right bases!