Infographic: 5 Drivers of New Monetization Schemes

More and more it looks like “one and done” is indeed done.

With digital services exploding and IoT taking off, but miles away from its meteoric potential, changes in the “how” and “what” of what’s being manufactured and sold are accelerating. Yet, as MGI Research reports the decline of the single sale is only part of an evolving landscape, which is impacting how and what  companies are bring to market. Products are more often digitally based and easily updated. Development cycles are a fraction of what they were even two years ago. Much is automated. Data is being captured, packaged and sold. Customers are increasingly finicky about it all.

It all adds up to more, more more: products, ways to buy, the continual and customized updates.

The infographic below shows drivers of new and often more complex models that companies are are leveraging to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and -importantly- their corporate coffers.

With the the market place evolving towards a more customer-centric orientations, big questions loom about whether global enterprises, which are tied to pre-millennial systems and technologies, can evolve quickly enough to take advantage of  the opportunity that sits in front of them.