[INFOGRAPHIC]: 4 Keys to Designing a Better Customer Bill

When purchasing a recurring product or service, every customer receives a bill. And studies indicate that 95% of invoices are opened and read right away, giving businesses a chance to connect with their customers. Are you maximizing the opportunity?

The customer bill is often seen as a necessary transaction rather than an opportunity. Yes, the bill is necessary to collect payment for purchased products or services. But it is also a revenue moment – an opportunity to positively interact with the customer and build a relationship that you can maximize over time. How many times have you opened an invoice and wondered “What does this mean? What exactly am I being billed for? What is this additional charge?” Bills that are unclear or hard to decipher can cause a rift or lack of trust between the business and customer, increasing the potential of churn.

When designed strategically and with the customer’s satisfaction in mind, the customer bill can work to your advantage. This is especially true for tech and large companies, whose complex and customized services result in billing snowflakes (no two bills are exactly alike) and often leave customers with questions. By designing a better customer bill, you can enhance customer experience, answer questions before they arise, and ensure a better relationship with customers.

There is much more to a bill than the total amount due. From specific line items to current usage rates to customer alerts, design your bill in a way that simultaneously delights and informs the customer. Check out this infographic for more tips on designing a better customer bill.



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