Independent recording label launches digital subscription service

Launching a subscription service may provide several benefits to a company. While many businesses eye profit and revenue increases, others might see an opportunity to provide original goods and services to their customers.

For instance, Deep Oceans, an independent recording label, recently unveiled a monthly digital subscription service. This label will give subscribers access to new album releases, exclusive tracks, remixes and other rare recordings through the online option. Additionally, users can gain access to ticket guest list spots for live concerts and giveaways.

This label has a chance to increase its revenue by reaching out to new audiences. Members who sign up for the service will automatically receive three full-length albums from some of its featured artists. Meanwhile, every new release will be instantly delivered to subscribers’ email inboxes, and users will receive at least two albums each month.

Indie music fans may appreciate being able to listen to the latest offerings from artists such as Bowerbird, Bear in Heaven and The Tallest Man on Earth with Deep Oceans’ digital subscription service. And new media companies like Deep Oceans could use a cloud based subscription billing platform to better manage the fans’ subscriptions.