HBO enhances subscription benefits by deploying mobile apps

In an attempt to enhance its offerings, HBO recently announced that its popular streaming service, HBO GO, can be used by subscribers on their personal Kindle Fire tablets.

“The HBO GO app will offer instant access to HBO’s incredible lineup of shows,” Amazon Appstore director Aaron Rubenson said. “Kindle Fire owners already download and use apps and games frequently on their devices, and we expect that only to increase with the addition of HBO GO and all of its popular content.”

Subscribers will also be able to create customized “watchlists,” which bookmark selected TV shows for later viewing on the tablet or TV. HBO subscribers will also have the ability to watch portions of a program on the television and continue viewing it on the Kindle Fire and other registered devices.

The migration of HBO GO services to the Amazon tablet has also brought about requests to offer HBO GO streaming services for non-HBO subscribers. Decision-makers at the Time Warner company, however, said this will not likely happen anytime soon, as the organization would not be able to generate enough revenue based on mobile device subscribers alone.

Businesses today are realizing that the ongoing, unpredictable economy is driving consumers to be more watchful with their spending habits. Companies like HBO, that expand and customize their offerings – which is easy to do with a subscription billing and management platform – can better meet the evolving needs of customers, providing what they want, when they want it.