GlossyBox delivers monthly high-quality beauty products

Today’s frugal consumers often want to test out products before fully committing to a specific brand or service. This demand led to the emergence of subscription commerce companies that provide individuals with packages of sample goods relating to a specific topic.

Beauty sampling services, in particular, are becoming more popular and leading consumers to look at businesses like GlossyBox, which offers female subscribers a box of deluxe-sized beauty products each month for a flat rate. As an ideal service for the modern fashionista, GlossyBox offers makeup and beauty merchandise from major brands like Burberry Beauty and Shea Terra Organics, among others.

GlossyBox also offers a variety of different subscription models, including a single-month offering for $21, a six-month subscription for $115 and a 12-month model for $220. Customers can also earn points to get free GlossyBoxes by writing product reviews or referring friends to subscribe.

Companies like GlossyBox can benefit from using a subscription management and billing platform to help keep track of different subscription orders and comply with varying customer demands. By using these tools, subscription commerce companies can enhance customer satisfaction, leading to more referrals and more sales.