Ghostly International unveils subscription service

Record label Ghostly International serves a wide audience, as it blends experimental pop and techno music into unique creations. The company has earned international acclaim for its artists’ innovative style, and has attracted some of the world’s top designers, musicians and visual artists.

However, Ghostly International might see its audience increase soon, as it has launched a subscription service that will bring its music to online users across the globe.

According to Tiny Mix Tapes, this record label will give subscribers the opportunity to listen to new releases for $15 a month. The company might consider a subscription billing platform to handle its customers’ monthly billing, as it could quickly draw a large number of users from the service’s top-notch features.

Subscribers can get new releases sent directly to their emails, and could receive exclusive tracks, live sessions and random access to certain portions of the label’s back catalog. Additionally, the news source notes that users may receive a 15 percent discount when they make purchases from the company. Those who sign up for the music subscription service immediately will receive three complimentary albums that feature artists such as Com Truise and Pale Sketcher.