Gfreely introduces first subscription service aimed at gluten-free lifestyle

Despite ongoing advancements and discoveries in the field of medicine, there has yet to be a cure for celiac disease, which is a digestive condition triggered by the intake of the protein gluten. Recognizing a unique market opportunity, Gfreely recently announced the first subscription service exclusively targeted at individuals unable to consume gluten.

Subscribers will receive one package per month filled with gluten-free foods, tips and recipes.

“The gluten-free lifestyle should not inhibit those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance from having a great relationship with food,” Gfreely president and founder Dan Schiffman said. “By helping people discover new, healthy foods and recipes, Gfreely makes the gluten free diet simple and exciting.”

In addition to helping individuals with gluten intolerance live less restricting lives, Gfreely has also established a subscription commerce business model that generates recurring revenue. As a result, the organization will likely minimize customer churn and build brand loyalty.