Often Weeks. Sometimes Months. It Depends. What’s the Question?

You’ve gone through months of analysis and design of your new product offering and now have the realization that your existing billing solution can’t support your subscription management needs.  No matter how successful your project has been to date, it can fall apart quickly if it can’t support a subscription business model. Enter Aria.

The market is usually amazed when we talk about Aria’s multi-tenant cloud offering with its rich functionality and enterprise-grade operational capabilities. But having a great product alone is not enough if you can’t get it implemented. With eleven implementations in the last 100 days, and another fifteen on schedule for Q2, 2013, I’m proud to deliver real value to our customers sooner than later.

Participating in an implementation planning meeting with a client or prospect is one of the most enjoyable aspects of working at Aria. It gives me the opportunity to discuss many different business models, help our clients expand into new markets, and quickly introduce new products into the marketplace. During these early discussions, when the implementation plan is not fully vetted and well-understood, I usually get asked “How long will my implementation take?”  To which I reply “it depends”.  The level of complexity of a project combined with the client’s time-to-market need drives the length of any implementation. We’ve had Fortune 500 customers launch innovative new lines of business, end to end, in a matter of weeks. Whereas, other large scale projects with a high degree of billing complexity or business process change management issues can take several months. What I love about working with Aria’s platform and our implementation best-practices is that they’re both equally comfortable at both ends of the spectrum.

The implementation of a billing solution is complex and the Aria Implementation Services team’s primary goal is to make yours as fast and painless as possible. There are several aspects to consider when thinking about your solution, most notably: the robustness and complexity of your products and services and how they will be represented in the product catalog; integration with other systems like an e-commerce portal, third party taxation engine, payment processor and financial system; consumption/usage management, data migration, and reporting requirements just to name a few.

Other factors include the project team composition, number of team members, remote versus onsite support, and executive commitment to implementing the solution. We work with our customers to ensure the implementation plan includes deliverables for each project milestone, a clear definition of the scope, and contingency plans that serve as insurance and offer peace of mind when unplanned issues arise.

Even the most successful implementations can disrupt a company’s business. To mitigate the risk, we help educate our customers on the Aria platform such that each user understands how the new billing system will be integrated into the overall solution. Users are trained to take full advantage of the system’s capabilities because a lack of training almost certainly guarantees challenges somewhere down the line.

I appreciate the dedication that goes into each and every successful implementation. From the customers to the Aria teams involved, it takes a well-orchestrated methodology and seamless coordination to get a company live in as little as six  to eight weeks.  If you are one of the 15 Aria customers going live this quarter, my sincerest thanks for being a part of the Aria ecosystem.  If you are not yet an Aria customer and are in need of a subscription management billing solution, check us out and see what we can do for you. As I see you through your implementation, one thing I can assure our customers is that even though my initial reply may be “it depends”, I am certain that our implementations are the most dependable in the market.

Jim Alexander, VP of Implementation Services

The Aria Cloud Subscription Billing Platform was chosen by brand name companies such as AAA NCNU, Experian, Pitney Bowes, Red Hat, Ingersoll Rand, EMC, VMware, and HootSuite to grow or evolve their recurring revenue.

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