Flaviar caters liqueur tasting packages to subscribers

There isn’t anything much better than getting together with friends and having a drink at the end of the week to relieve some of the stress of parenting, working and a nearly infinite number of other activities. But why stick with the regular old bottle of wine? Instead, many people like to expand their alcoholic pallets and try different drinks.

This is where Flaviar comes into play. The British-Slovenian startup offers a convenient and reliable way to try out new liqueurs without ever having to travel to the store.

Subscribers don’t have to be experts to enjoy Flaviar’s alcohol tasting service. While connoisseurs will also enjoy the monthly tasting packages, the service appeals to experts and casual drinkers alike.

Having the ability to distinguish the difference between a high-quality whiskey and a backyard-brewed bourbon takes time and practice. By subscribing to Flaviar, individuals can pick which types of drinks the curated monthly packages should be based around or they can choose from a list of most popular bottles. Flaviar’s special “bar” even allows people to see the most desired alcohol by users, the most tasted and the most owned.

According to a report by the Next Web, Grisa Soba, the CEO of Flaviar, said the company’s business model is centered on three major trends: the rise of subscription commerce, the growth of ecommerce shopping and the global increase of private wine clubs.

As the subscription commerce market continues to heat up, companies like Flaviar would do well to consider leveraging a subscription management platform. In doing so, decision-makers will be able to track and monitor usage more effectively, allowing them to potentially gain a competitive advantage over rival subscription services.