First-ever cat litter subscriptions offered by Boxiecat

Subscription services are proliferating, and the diversity among products is expanding. Boxiecat, for example, is a subscription service uniquely designed for cat lovers, as the company delivers natural clay cat litter to the doorstep of any of its nationwide subscribers.

“With Boxiecat, you and your cats can always rely on a fresh and clean litter box,” the company said in a press release. “Simply subscribe and you will continually receive high-quality litter delivered to your door with free shipping.”

Boxiecat is offered exclusively through the organization’s website. Such efforts have proven to be an effective way to develop more loyal customers and boost recurring revenue for many businesses. Since Boxiecat is America’s first and only subscription-based cat litter service, subscribers can save time and hassle by avoiding traveling to the store to pick up a weekly supply of cat litter.

In another effort to enhance customer satisfaction, Boxicat’s subscription billing model is on a pay-as-you-go basis, letting subscribers pause or cancel at any time. Individuals can also put deliveries on hold if they go away on vacation.

By leveraging a unique subscription billing and management platform, Boxiecat and other similar subscription services can maintain stronger customer relationships, allowing the company to establish a loyal customer base and generate recurring revenue.