Find new cycling products with a SchwagBox subscription

Although cycling is great exercise and millions of people do it, finding cycling-oriented products can be difficult. While these items are often found at sporting goods stores and bike shops, they can be fairly expensive. Fortunately, the age of subscription services has provided bicyclists with an easy and inexpensive way to find all their necessary biking needs.

Enter: SchwagBox.

SchwagBox is a new subscription service that caters to the needs of cyclists of all levels, from novice to expert, by providing them with everything they need for training and actual rides. The list of curated goods is long and includes the likes of energy bars and gels, bike maintenance products like lube and grease and other bits of hand-picked items needed by bicycle enthusiasts.

The subscription company promises customers that for recurring payments of $10 a month, subscribers will get at least four or five new products in each box that they may never see elsewhere. This is because every batch of goods is selected by editors at, which is one of the largest and most popular cycling blogs on the web.

In addition to a handful of curated biking merchandise, subscribers will also receive a follow-up questionnaire regarding all the products they acquired in the last box. By filling out these surveys, SchwagBox can find out which items are more appreciated by users and can switch up their offerings in the following months.

There is no longer any doubt that subscription commerce is quickly making its way back into the hearts of consumers. As more companies like SchwagBox appear, decision-makers should consider using subscription billing and management solutions that will enable employees to monitor user activity and make real-time changes to keep customers happy.