Filtered water subscription service combats pollution, bottle contaminants

As mankind advanced, so did the demand for electronics and innovations with the prospect of making life simpler and more convenient. As people built manufacturing plants and facilities to make these products, however, they inadvertently contaminated the drinking water supply, converting tap water into a full-fledged contaminant. As a result, we developed bottled water to meet our portability and cleanliness demand.

Unfortunately, we failed to see the long-term consequences bottled water introduced. Today, the $90 billion industry continues to dirty oceans and make bottles with hidden contaminants, such as caffeine, sex hormones and drugs for livestock, according to a video by startup Vyykn.

In an effort to combat these problems and America’s reliance on bottled water, Vyykn launched a subscription service that lets individuals fill up specially designed bottles with clean water at any of the company’s filtration systems located around the world.

By subscribing online or at any Vyykn location, individuals can receive a unique container and small registration card used to guarantee only subscribers access the water dispenser. Subscribers can get the keychain chip for a $30 annual subscription fee, the company said, which is significantly less expensive than continually buying bottled water.

The filtration appliance can be installed anywhere there is a local tap water supply. With advanced technologies, the Vyykn water distributor can even pump regular water with oxygen to make it a “energy enhancing,” while simultaneously offering hot or filtered water, according to Vyykn.

The introduction of Vyykn demonstrates the wide variety of applications in which subscription services can used. As these digital commerce models become more common around the world, it will be important for decision-makers to leverage an innovative subscription management and billing platform to better manage the entire subscriber lifecycle.