Fashion and Security?

Everyone should have that friend who tells them the brutally honest truth instead of sugar coating what they want to hear.  It’s not always easy to hear these things, and often it means making a change to extract bad habits, correct offensive behavior or retire a wardrobe that should have never made it past 1994.  Though it may sometimes be painful, full disclosure from a close friend will ultimately help you to be the best possible version of yourself.  Here at Aria, we make it a priority to maintain this type of relationship with our auditors.

When an audit rolls around, it’s no walk in the park for the folks in Production Operations.  Each audit season, we must prepare ourselves for more than just the monetary cost of hiring an industry-leading firm.  We must also buckle down to face the added workload, extra man hours and heightened stress levels that come with audit preparations.  We do this because we know and understand the importance of scouring every dark corner of our system to ensure our existing security measures are not just “good enough.”  We spend several weeks prior to the audit putting ourselves in the mindset of our auditors.  How can this check be enhanced?  Where else can that monitoring tool be utilized?  Which machines can be patched proactively to get us ahead of the game?  What evidence can we provide to prove our business justifications?  Pulling thousands upon thousands of files for this prep may be time consuming and tedious, but we take our responsibilities to our customers very seriously – especially when it comes to their trust in our ability to handle their data securely.

After our prep work is done comes the real deep dive.  Now, there are audits, and then there are audits. Our audit partners provide the latter.  It is important to note that an audit is only as good as the trustworthiness and reputation of the firm who does the digging.  And, you certainly get what you pay for.  It is a sad and scary fact that some vendors actually choose less expensive auditing firms that hardly scratch the surface.  For half the cost, it’s a sure bet you’ll end up with half the effort.  As far as we’re concerned, that just says, “We care half as much about keeping your credit card number safe.”  This is simply not acceptable at Aria.

We do everything we can to guarantee the safety of the information entrusted to us, and it is absolutely crucial to this undertaking that we bring in a reputable third party to lend a pair of fresh eyes.  We invite them to question our judgment.  We implore them to be as critical as they can.  We don’t want anyone to tip-toe around our feelings because we refuse to entrust your data to the “sugar coating” friend who tells us that terry cloth bucket hat is still cool.  We sleep better at night knowing we’ve enlisted top tier firms to tell us, “That’s some bad hat, Harry.”

Erin Byrnes, Aria Systems

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