Facebook app subscription payment model available to developers

Facebook has extended a subscription payment model for applications to all app developers who utilize the social network, according to Inside Social Games.

The system was originally launched as a beta test in June, with top game developers Zynga, Kixeye and Playdom taking advantage of the subscription model offered by the social network. Shifting away from using Facebook Credits and transitioning to local currencies was a dramatic departure for the company. According to AllFacebook, developers had already begun moving away from Facebook’s universal currency toward their own virtual currencies for their various apps and games, negating the need for Facebook Credits and prompting the company to find a more effective and efficient system.

With the advent of the new model, Facebook hopes to allow developers to establish recurring revenue streams for their apps. A SaaS subscription billing and management platform could offer the flexibility that game developers need to help them better monetize their offerings by tracking and analyzing subscriber activity, enabling them to better customize their apps and promoting higher player spending.