FabKids makes shopping for daughters pain free

Started by a team of parents, including mother and actress Christina Applegate, FabKids was created to make shopping for little girls a little easier. By taking a simple online profile quiz, parents can answer questions related to what type of dresses their daughters enjoy wearing and what styles best suit their personalities. Based on the answers, several pre-styled outfits will appear on screen for moms and dads to choose from.

Subscribers will be shown new three-piece outfits every month that cost $49.95 and were designed with the playground in mind. In other words, each ensemble is designed to be flexible enough for running, dancing, skipping and other activities little girls enjoy. Each wardrobe ships for free and should arrive within a week of the purchase.

Furthermore, there is no obligation to buy, so parents can feel free to skip a month if they so choose.

By using a high-quality subscription billing and management platform, FabKids and other subscription commerce companies may be able to better optimize their offerings, boosting satisfaction and customer loyalty, which, in turn, will generate more recurring revenue.