Evaluating an Effective Recurring Revenue Management Solution


The market for recurring revenue management (RMM) solutions is getting crowded as businesses and vendors realize the lasting benefits of the recurring revenue model. Choosing the right RRM solution is not, and should not be, a simple or quick process. You’re looking for more than just a billing vendor; you’re looking for a partnership that supports your recurring revenue goals in the long run. When evaluating an RRM solution you need to ask, “What offering will enable us to manage every customer interaction, from customer acquisition to recurring billing to customer care?”

To be frank, it’s less about what the solution’s upfront offers and more about its ability to quickly adjust your strategies and tactics as you discover more about your customers and markets in the future. A cloud-based, billing, and active monetization platform shortens the time to bring new products and services to market, optimizes plan and pricing strategy, and maximizes revenue and customer loyalty.

It’s important to choose an effective recurring revenue management solution, which requires separating the contenders from the pretenders. Recurring Revenue Management for Dummies breaks down the capabilities and features of an enterprise-grade recurring revenue management solution. Download the eBook to:

  • Look at the individual parts of RRM to understand the whole
  • Define the key capabilities and features of an effective RRM solution
  • Learn what to look for in a vendor when evaluating RRM solutions
  • Find ways to increase company revenue and customer satisfaction

See how choosing the right recurring revenue management system can transform your billing system into a monetization solution. Download Recurring Revenue Management for Dummies today.