Eating healthy gets easier with Real Food Works

Eating healthy can be a grueling process, especially for people with a sweet tooth. To help consumers on their journey toward a healthy diet, Real Food Works recently launched its subscription service after a 14-week pilot program, which revealed that many consumers will eat healthier with a little help.

“Real Food Works is a journey to improved health through better eating,” said Lucinda Duncalfe, founder and CEO of Real Food Works.

The subscription service was created to help people who know they should eat better but choose not to. Subscribers have several menus to choose from, including vegetarian or “omnivore” dinners for recurring payments of $75 and $90 a week, respectively. Customers can also choose dinner and lunch combinations for slightly more money.

Most dishes are based heavily around vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, while keeping meat, fish, dairy and sweeteners to a minimum. No processed foods are used in any of the entrees.

“Everyone wants to eat better, but it’s hard,” Duncalfe said. “The key is to tilt the scale and make it easier to eat healthy food than it is to eat unhealthy food. We do that by offering amazing restaurant dishes, re-imagined to meet our stringent nutritional guidelines, delivered right to your door.”

As decision-makers in other food services recognize the benefits of using a subscription model, the marketplace for health food subscriptions will become more competitive. As a result, organizations should stay one step ahead of rival firms by deploying an innovative subscription management platform. In doing so, businesses will be able to monitor client activity and make real-time adjustments to enhance customer satisfaction.