Dreaming in the Cloud

This week’s Dreamforce, once the “show me” platform for the latest salesforce.com initiative from AppExchange to Lightening, has grown beyond its roots to 170,000 person “must attend” event for not only users but anyone in the Cloud ecosystem.  The promise is no less than in its name and the thrust of the event is empowerment, which was showcased in spades.  It has become the platform for what is achievable. From the Equality Summit to climbing walls the message was if you wanted to climb the mountain Salesforce is the brand that can help you blaze a trail to get there.

The exuberance was palpable and the aspiration is laudatory. From Salesforce’s POV the move to an even more branded event makes sense as the conventional wisdom about moving towards the Cloud has progressed beyond the “if” to the “when”.

If you’re one of the increasingly few who remain on the fence about adopting the Cloud, consider these time proven reasons (click to open and expand):