Dreamforce Flash: Wearing your productivity on your shirt sleeve

I just got out of the Dreamforce session on the Power of Wearables in the Workplace.

It had everything you’d expect from a Salesforce session. There was a solid set up of the IoT opportunity. Connectivity is abundant and cheap leading to 75 billion devices and 1 trillion connected sensors – all stuff we’ve reported on earlier here. I also expected the plug for Salesforce and the Clicksoftware demo on salesforce. And if I thought about it, I shouldn’t have been surprised that their use case would be solidly enterprise centric. It is a Salesforce conference, after all. Yet, after all the buzz about home security and fitness, it took me by surprise.

Here’s the nugget from the session on why IoT in the enterprise makes perfect sense:

Wearables will help millions of deskless workers, providing them with valuable data while they are using their hands. They already have the use cases, starting with Clicksoftware’s demo on “shift management”. The enterprise also has deep pockets and are less concerned about aesthetics. Enterprise wearables will see greater near-term growth than consumer focused products. Gartner is bullish and predicts that field services will can add 1 billion in increased profits annually through these smart devices.

So, while we are all concerned about fashion, the enterprise is concerned about function. It’s as it should be and where the rubber hits the road. It’s also where those 1 trillion sensors can add immediate value: helping many of us do our job better.

It also points in directions where opportunities lie, which as it turns out is just as likely to be in the conference room as the locker room.