Dreamforce Flash: A happy wrap up

DF logoIt’s clear that Dreamforce has become more than a tech show. It’s become a show about ideas and innovation; technical innovation, business innovation and even personal innovation. All of which make for exciting sessions and interesting speakers (Hilary Clinton, Al Gore, Will.i.am, the PayPal mafia, Tony Robbins, Marc Andreessen, Peter Coffey and the list goes on). Aria enables innovation so for us Dreamforce is a grand adventure. We as a company enjoyed rubbing elbows with prospects, clients, thought leaders and partners. Who doesn’t like to talk shop. And our shop talk is all about enabling innovation and monetization. Here is our eclectic list of what we covered at Dreamforce in our “Flash” blogs:

Wearing your productivity on your shirt sleeve by Parker Trewin



The PayPal Mafia and disruption by Marie Martin



How digital signatures amount to big enterprise savings by Parker Trewin



5 take aways from the monetizing the ‘Internet of Things’ session by Marie Martin



The ‘Internet of Things’ demonstrated with Bananas and balls by Marie Martin



i.am/puls by Parker Trewin



What a week! <yaye and phew>