Discover cross-country artisan foods with Knoshbox

Although there are an abundance of subscription food services available that cater to unique diets, such as vegan or gluten-free lifestyles, there are fewer that appeal to individuals simply looking to discover new foods. For this reason, among others, Knoshbox came to be.

By subscribing to Knoshbox, customers can receive a box of artisan food curated from local vendors across the United States. Since Knoshbox works off a monthly schedule, each box has a different theme. In October, for example, the motif was autumn with items that included a jar of Skillet Pumpkin Sauce from Seattle; Happy Jack Pumpkin Crunch Granola and a Toasted Orchard Bar, both out of Connecticut; and a Bacon Peanut Brittle out of New York.

The November theme is a little different and took the task of curating bourbon-based products. These include handmade marshmallows coated in bourbon demerara sugar out of Indiana, bourbon salted pecan pancake mix made in Georgia, bourbon pecan brownies from Illinois and a salted, bourbon flavored goat’s milk caramel gathered from Vermont.

Knoshbox says it prides itself on providing subscribers with artisan food so they can spend less time searching and more time savoring delicious foods from around the country. For $30 a box (or monthly recurring payments of the same amount), individuals can receive high-quality goods without too much effort.

As subscription food services gain momentum in the consumer landscape, decision-makers should consider differentiating themselves from the competition by deploying an innovative subscription management platform that provides useful insight into subscriber behavior. By acquiring this data, executives can make real-time changes to keep customers happy.