Digital libraries use subscription models

As the mobile world becomes a more fundamental part of the consumer’s daily life, new applications are being created to address these changes. According to a report by Kiwi Commons, several companies are introducing new subscription solutions that effectively serve as mobile digital libraries, allowing children to rent digital copies of books for a certain amount of time.

RRKidz, for example, has launched its new Reading Rainbow app, which offers a six-month subscription for just under of $30, the news source said. Reviving itself from the old television show on PBS, Reading Rainbow allows children to store up to five books on their iPad at a time, with each story narrated by the show’s host, LeVar Burton. Subscribers can also play games, take video field trips – similar to the old television series – and browse through a library of books.

Offering similar services is Speakaboos, which costs slightly less than $50 for a year’s subscription, Kiwi Commons noted. Speakaboos allows subscribers to view stories narrated by celebrities with closed captioning to help children follow along. The subscription company also provides games, songs and worksheets, such as quizzes and lesson plans to boost retention.

A Story Before Bed is another children’s book subscription service that can store videos of individuals reading the story – a nice feature for families with distant relatives. The subscription costs $99.99 for the year and its main function is to record videos while reading the story at the same time, Kiwi Commons reported. As a result, children can go back and retrieve old bedtime adventures anytime they please.

As books continue to migrate from paper to digital, more subscription libraries will likely emerge. Companies that offer these libraries can benefit from leveraging an innovative subscription billing platform to better track, bill and manage customer activity.