CSPs Shift Back Office to Front Lines to Better Serve a New Breed of Customer

By Mike Morini

Today’s consumer of communications services is unique. Connected by powerful mobile devices that are always on, they consume bandwidth at rates previously unimagined.

This new broadband consumer is demanding, too. They want simplicity in their pricing plans and complete and total access to services as soon as they pay for them. If their experience deviates from their expectations they will quickly change providers.

Faced with this new breed of consumer, leading communications service providers are reviewing their billing platforms, as they seek to efficiently monetize bandwidth consumption and provide the simple experiences consumers now expect. A billing system optimized to support subscription management and a frictionless customer experience can align communications service providers’ business to the way this new, highly independent consumer wants to buy services. In other words, leading providers now view the back office as a way to strategically differentiate their offerings.

For more on how communications service providers are adapting to this new customer profile download the whitepaper, “Seize the Opportunity to Boost Top Line Revenue: Back Office Systems Key to CSP’s Growth Strategies.”

Consumers want convenience, value and personalization. Creating exceptional customer experiences is the primary way leading communications service providers are growing revenues and fostering the customer loyalty that reduces churn.

Take for example, Telecom Denmark’s YouSee division, one of Aria’s many international customers. The provider serves more than 50 percent of all households in Denmark, offering high definition TV, on demand services, high speed broadband and entertainment content services to more than 1.2 million accounts. YouSee’s existing, homegrown solution couldn’t accommodate the many different monetization models and packages the company sought to put in place without a significant capital investment.

YouSee needed a solution that provided maximum flexibility to build compelling pricing plans and that could help shorten the response time for customer. With open and extensible APIs, Aria’s SaaS subscription billing platform easily integrated with YouSee’s many operations-enabling applications across the company, streamlining how the provider serves its customers. YouSee will soon use several different monetization models, including a flat-rate subscription, a flat-rate subscription plus usage and a bundled promotional product for buying more than one of their Triple Play offerings.

Simply put, YouSee has determined that its billing platform, as well as its portfolio of broadband services, can help them innovate, respond to shifting market trends and better serve their customers.

Drop me a line and let me know how your subscription billing platform is helping you better serve your customers.