Colorado region deploys several emergency service subscription offerings

Residents of Eagle County, Colorado, now have the option to subscribe to a unique 911 service. The new 911 call back system sends out automatic emergency information, such as evacuation information, to subscribers during a crisis, according to a report by Vail Daily.

The subscription service is available to both home and business owners and is sent through a regular landline telephone connection. Subscribers give Eagle County 911 officials their numbers and home addresses, which assigns a physical location to a phone number and can help authorities inform individuals when to evacuate during an emergency, the news source said.

Other subscription emergency services, such as email and text alerts, offered by Eagle County may be more effective, however, as the phone service can experience connectivity issues, Vail Daily noted.

“The voice system’s ability to send a large volume of messages is limited to telephone circuit capacity,” Eagle County Emergency Manager Barry Smith said, according to Vail Daily. “When phone circuits are being used for normal phone calls, which tend to increase during times of emergency, fewer circuits are available to deliver emergency notifications.”

By leveraging a subscription management platform, local emergency response teams would be able to more easily manage the full range of subscription emergency services.