Cloud Billing – There is an Uber for That!

Even though I had heard about the transportation service Uber before, I finally got an opportunity to actually use it a few weeks back. I must say I was very impressed! My first use of the Uber service happened in a rather complicated situation: I was stuck in the city due to cancelled train service. Not already an Uber member, I wanted to sign up with my credit card through my smartphone in real time and then immediately use the service to summon a taxi. I assumed that I would have to wait a considerable amount of time between when I signed up and when I could use the service, but I was sitting in a town car within 6 minutes!

Uber’s business model has gained great popularity and success. In fact, many companies are applying Uber’s business model to come up with new and creative services. Examples include personal aviation, carpooling and even dog-walking (yes, there’s even an “uber” for that!) Like Uber, many up-and-coming startups are inventing new business models by combining smartphones, GPS, and cloud technologies. These next-generation business models require highly flexible revenue management capabilities to achieve their goals. To address this, we at Aria came up with Business Process Automation (BPA). BPA enables our customers to easily configure their process to support conditional workflows and handle all sorts of exceptional situations. In conjunction with Aria’s cloud billing system, Aria’s BPA gives the control to the customer on how to support their recurring revenue business. Our goal at Aria is to make the recurring revenue business processes so flexible that our customers can focus on creating the ideal experience for their users.

If “uber” stands for “creativity” – in other words, innovation plus technology – I guess Aria could be called the “Uber of cloud billing!”


Shashi Kedilaya, Aria Systems

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