CES 2017 Trends: Connected Cars, IoT Security, Return of the PC


Connected Cars

The Consumer Electronics Show is still the go-to event for the latest in connected gadgetry, but there is a lot more of it on wheels at CES 2017. Both Chrysler and Ford ducked out of the Detroit Auto show to do big autonomous vehicles launches at CES. Connected cars are projected to be a $42 billion business by 2022, and the audience at the big auto shows is probably, uh, more Beatles than Beyoncé if you know what I mean. The buyers for tomorrow’s cars are paying more attention to CES, so expect to see more connected car tech there in the future.

IoT Gets Protection

IoT was hot at CES ’16, but security took the day off so flashy devices could steal the show. Following the Dyn attacks that nearly brought the internet to a screeching halt this year, we expected to see some bad guy-fighting muscle take center stage in 2017. IoT security still isn’t exactly the main act, but at least it got on stage with products like Bitdefender that provides cyber security for connected home devices. Microsoft unveiled secure IoT solutions as well. Let’s face it, IoT security isn’t super sexy, but then again, neither are DDoS attacks.

Verizon and Qualcomm Converge on IoT

Mobile carriers are busily making the connections to enable (and monetize) the IoT. On Tuesday at CES, Verizon and Qualcomm Technologies announced a partnership that could help developers bring IoT solutions to market faster and more efficiently, while helping companies better manage connected devices. Verizon’s ThingSpace IoT platform, powered by a Qualcomm LTE modem, will help OEMs incorporate the benefits of LTE connectivity into new IoT applications. This of course will likely be backed by services from Verizon, creating another IoT-backed source of recurring revenue.

The PC is Cool Again

In an age where mobile devices get all the attention—rightfully so, as they do pretty much everything we used to expect a laptop to do—the PC has slowly fallen from grace. It was starting to look like mullets had a better chance of making a comeback as device manufacturers from ASUS to Microsoft struggled to produce hit devices in recent years, made even more difficult by living in the showy shadow of Apple’s MacBooks. But it looks like the tide might be turning this year with a wave of cool PC-based netbooks making a splash at CES. Will PCs be allowed back at the cool kid’s table in 2017?

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